Buy Avibon Cream (Retinol Palmitate) Vitamine A now now with FREE shipping worldwide from and guaranteed delivery. Contains retinyl palmitate (rétinol), the active ingredient in renoic acid and tretinoin.
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200,000 U.I. pure vitamin A concentrate
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Excellent alternative to discontinued

A313 pure vitamin A pommade...Same great OTC french pharmacy-grade quality vitamin A at a lower price-point, in the same great aluminum tube while 66% larger than its predecessor.

A313 offers the same retinoic acid effect on wrinkles and fine lines, at a slightly gentlre concentration than Avibon. As always, free shipping with tracking worldwide.

Allow 10 business days for delivery. Any order not received in 30 days is eligible for a full refund or replacement order.

A313 Pure Vitamin A 50g w/ Free Shipping & Tracking

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